Hi, I’m Amina.

Welcome to my vibrant and captivating world, where the power of femininity intertwines with an unorthodox worldview and a thirst for knowledge. Bimbollectual is a blog about beauty, culture & the internet.

Since I was just eleven years old, I have been documenting my thoughts online, allowing my inner world to take center stage. While many people find solace in their physical existence, I have always found a more active life within the depths of my mind. The internet serves as my tool to bridge the gap between my vibrant inner life and the external world, enabling me to communicate my ideas, passions, and dreams.

Before I even reached the age of 23, I had already lived on three different continents, a testament to my adventurous spirit and thirst for new experiences. As a teenager, I took a leap of faith and ran away to Tokyo, driven by a desire to become a pop idol. This alone should assure you of my eccentrities.

After performing Macross covers at Chip-tune shows, I decided that I wanted more for my life.

As a university student in Europe, I served on the board of TAMPEP EU a European Union funded organization dedicated to connecting migrant sex workers to services. In addition to this I also served as a board member of SWARM in London and regularly spoke at events hosted by Open Society.

I currently reside in San Francisco and am an intern at MintStars, a pre-seed funded platform serving the creator community. My interests are user research, internet culture, design & human-computer interaction.

If you’re open to exploring alternative perspectives this blog will suit you.

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Beauty, Culture & the Internet.


I live on the internet. I was an idol in Japan. Now I write. I love net culture. This is my blog where I talk about tbd.