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It was so interesting, thanks for this!

Every time I saw a media talk about sex in Japan it was presented like a crazy and ridiculous thing. It's a good thing to see this point of view because it seems to be more realistic and respecteful, the social analysis really questioned me about my vision of sex in my country.

Sorry for my bad English.

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👍 Jake Adelstein sent me

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Loved this! Thanks for sharing.

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This article is very interesting. It is true that Western media definitely sensationalizes this industry despite countries overseas having very similar industries (but hidden to escape the law).

Your explanation on the accessibility and normalisation of the adult industry in Japan was very enlightening, and I greatly appreciate your more neutral outlook on it.

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This is easily one of your most fascinating articles on here, I love the longform and tons of new stuff I hadn't known or have seen in different lights, thank you!

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Thoughtful , insightful and

well written. You have a real talent. You mentioned

San Francisco in the 90's.

What was your experience? I lived and worked there then. It's

totally different now. And

not for the better.

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You are a really great prolific writer!

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As a guy who tried a soap land at Fukuoka. It was a very unique experience.

Thanks for sharing from a female perspective on this.

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Great read!

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