Love this for you! And I'm jealous! I've also tried to learn to code. I learned enough HTML/CSS to edit my Livejournal (lol) in high school and then learned some more to make some SEO changes in my first job. But every time I've started a course since then I've gotten stymied right away and given up. It does seem meditative, once you get it. I think learning ML right now is a great idea. AI will do the programming soon enough, but learning how to build and tweak AI models seems like a very strong career move, to the extent any of us will have jobs, lol.

Most of all, though, it's less important what you're learning and more important that you're overcoming your barriers to learning. I deeply empathize with the feeling afraid of finding out you're stupid. That's been a huge blocker for me. And I'm so excited to see you working through that fear. The most important thing to learn is how to keep learning.

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This is great!

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