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Psychedelic Therapy to Heal Black America

To Be Young Again: EPIK AI 90's Yearbook & Escapism

The Merits of Contrarianism & Why I hate Chatbots.

Will AI Bring Back Weather Girls?

Baby Cafe

Finding Mindfulness & Losing My Airpods

On Eurocentric Beauty Standards

Unveiling the Beauty Standards: A Comparative Analysis of Western and Eastern AR Filters

Review: K-Beauty Cushion Foundation For Dark Skin

An Exploration of Japanese Visual Novel User Interfaces

Can Black People Be Racist?

IRL Is the new Internet

Internal Locus of Control

woman child

In The Age of Indie Porn: Online Sex Work As Harm Redux

Autism: extreme 'male' brain, androgeny or something else?

The History of Kaigai Idols

Quitting Hormonal Birth Control: The Good, Bad & TMI

Overwatch, Rainbow Capitalism & Post-Woke Class Conciousness.

The Color Purple was actually real.

social "justice" & thinly veiled cyber-bullying

I'm now working at ✨MintStars✨: A subscription based platform that puts creators first.

Computer Programming Taught Me About Myself.

The Reality of Gen Z's Stay At Home Girlfriend trend.

What I learned About Connection In A Japanese 'Girl's Bar'.

How to get unstuck

5 Great Things About Japan

Life, Friendship & Gentrification: Kabuki-cho

The Bad About Beauty Standards

Hyper-Reality: Akihabara, Jean Baudrillard & Maid Cafes.

Beauty as capital: Little girls & plastic surgery.

Paprika(2006) in the Age of the Digital Woman

Autistic Haven: Japan.


Revisiting Donna Haraway's Cyborg Manifesto in 2023.

Uncensored Audition(1999) Analysis

Let's do lunch? [Japan・日本]

The Failure Of The Nordic Model

The Pursuit of Happiness in Intentional Consumption

Escapism as Harm Redux.


Audition(1999) For Valentine's Day

Beauty Politics & Circle Lens

Collective Selfishness

Why Collapse Feels So Sexy

Big Brother Is Watching Your Kids.